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Managed Services

From $37/month

That’s from $1.21/day for peace of mind!

Services for Home Users

  • Worried about viruses?
  • Losing your precious photos or documents?
  • Are you backing up your computer in case of data loss?
  • Or does it all sound too hard to figure out what to do, even though you know you have to do something?


Sign up to our ‘Managed Services for Home Users’ Plan & worry no longer!

We will take all of that stress away from you by making sure that your computer is always backed up, virus & malware programs doing their job & your computers general health is always monitored under our watchful eye.

We will make sure that your updates are kept current, your hard drives health is in good shape and we can see if there are any rogue issues that might bring your computer down before it happens. Saving you time, money and potential heartache.


What the Plan Includes

  • Yearly Computer Workshop Service (This will keep your computer running at its best)
  • Antivirus & Malware Protection
  • Continuous Cloud Backup
  • Computer Health Monitoring
  • Windows Updates & Patching
  • Email & Remote Assistance
  • Optional Microsoft 365 Licensing
  • Reduced hourly rate

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Business Owners Book your FREE 20 minute no obligation phone consultation

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