Website Additions & Extras

There are many add-ons to make your website function in different ways, below are some that I can help you with, if there is something else that you need contact me I can come up with a solution for you

Extra Pages

Need more pages? Add an extra page to your site, about, contact or location page, whatever you need


Shopping Cart

Starting an online shop? Add an easy to use shopping cart to your website, includes upload of the first 3 products


Extra Email

Need an extra email account for your business. Add one with 2GB of storage per year.


Custom Forms

Do you need to collect data from your customers? Add a custom form, anything from a quote form to a feedback or a booking form. Ask me for a solution




Does your business need a rebrand? New logo, Social media imagery, web banners? Print media such as business cards or flyers?
Let me know and I will help you



Other Extras

Other features can be added to your site such as calendars, newsletter signups, FAQ’s, testimonials and quizes just to name a few, talk to me to see what you can add.



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